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    New Releases, with Aaron Strumpel

    In this episode John & Luke sit down with worship leader, producer and artist Aaron Strumpel to preview his upcoming retuned hymn album, Mighty Refuge. They also discuss their own newly released hymn projects.

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    Resurrection, with The Welcome Wagon

    In this episode John & Luke sit down with pastor and singer/songwriter Thomas Vito Aiuto of The Welcome Wagon to discuss Easter and hymn retuning. They also listen through Easter songs from the ever-incredible Page CXVI and The Village Church.

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    Come And See, with Cameron Dezen Hammon

    In this episode John & Luke sit down with worship leader Cameron Hammon to discuss the title track from her and her husband's 2010 Advent/Christmas album, Come And See.

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    Anticipation, with Andy Gullahorn

    In this episode John & Luke discuss Advent with singer/songwriter Andy Gullahorn, and hear a live performance of his arrangement of the hymn "Nations That Long In Darkness Walked." They also share Advent songs from Sufjan Stevens and Cardiphonia.

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    Year In Review

    In this episode Luke & John look back on the last church calendar year and count down their top 5 hymn-related projects of the year.

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    Why The Church Calendar? (Part 2), with Jacob Breeze

    Luke and John share the second part of their conversation with pastor & liturgical expert Jacob Breeze about the benefits of following the Church Calendar in this special, bonus mini-episode.

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    Holy Spirit, Truth Divine, with Jolie Britt

    In this episode John & Luke sit down with worship leader Jolie Britt to discuss the Holy Spirit, Pentecost and her retuning of the hymn, "Holy Spirit, Truth Divine."

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    Low In The Grave He Lay

    In the last of four Holy Week mini-episodes, Luke and John discuss Easter and Luke's re-tuning of the hymn, "Low In The Grave He Lay."

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    O Sacred Head Now Wounded, with Latifah Alattas

    In the third Holy Week mini-episode, John and Luke pick up with Jacob Breeze and part 2 and 3 of the Easter Triduum, Good Friday and Easter Vigil. Latifah Alattas is also back to share her retuning of the Good Friday hymn, "O Sacred Head Now Wounded."

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    Dying Friend Of Sinners

    In the second of a few special, weekly, Holy Week mini-episodes, Luke and John discuss Maundy Thursday and the Easter Triduum with Jacob Breeze, and John's re-tuning of the Wesleyan Eucharist hymn, "Dying Friend Of Sinners."

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    Ride On, Ride On In Majesty

    In the first of a few special, weekly, Holy Week mini-episodes, Luke & John discuss Palm Sunday with Jacob Breeze, and John's re-tuning of "Ride On, Ride On In Majesty."

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    Weary Of Wandering From My God, with Joe Deegan

    John and Luke talk about Ash Wednesday and Lent with Jacob Breeze, and hear singer/songwriter, Joe Deegan's retuning of Charles Wesley's lenten hymn, "Weary Of Wandering From My God."

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    What Child Is This?, with Matt Broaddus

    Luke and John talk about the season of Epiphany with pastor & liturgical guru [Jacob Breeze][3], and hear worship leader, Matt Broaddus's arrangement of the famous hymn, "What Child Is This?"

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    He Has Come, The Christ Of God, with Ryan DeLange

    John and Luke hear songwriter & worship leader Ryan Delange's retuning of Horatius Bonar's Christmas hymn, "He Has Come, The Christ Of God," and discuss the importance of Christmastide with pastor & liturgical expert Jacob Breeze.

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    Come Thou Fount (Advent)

    Luke and John] ring in the (liturgical) new year by discussing the new format and direction of the show, as well as talking through Luke's re-written Advent version of the classic hymn, Come Thou Fount. They also sit down with pastor and liturgical thinker, Jacob Breeze, to hear his insights on the Advent season.

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    O Come All Ye Faithful, with Latifah Alattas

    Luke & John wrap up Season 1 talking with Latifah Alattas, singer/songwriter and worship leader from the band Page CXVI, about Advent, the liturgical calendar and how she fell into the world of retuning hymns.

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    Satisfied, with Karl Digerness

    Luke & John talk to Karl Digerness from San Francisco's City Church, about his retuned arrangement of Clara Tear Williams' hymn, Satisfied.

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    I'll Fly Away, with Jacob Lampley

    Luke & John talk to Jacob Lampley from Houston-based band, The Homestead about his version of the classic hymn, I'll Fly Away.

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    Come Ye Souls By Sin Afflicted, with Kevin Twit

    Luke & John get the chance to chat with Indelible Grace founder Kevin Twit about how hymns became such an important part of his life and ministry. They also debut "Come Ye Souls By Sin Afflicted," a hymn from the upcoming album from Indelible Grace, Look To Jesus!

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    Thy Will Be Done, with Justin Smith

    Luke & John visit with Indelible Grace songwriter Justin Smith about how he got involved with the IG movement, and hear one of his retuned hymns, Thy Will Be Done, from Derek Webb's album, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry And I Love You.

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    O Help My Unbelief, with Andrew Osenga

    Luke & John discuss the importance of songs of lament and visit with Indelible Grace artist Andrew Osenga about the Isaac Watts hymn, O Help My Unbelief.

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    Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go, with Robbie Seay

    Luke and John visit with Texas-based songwriter and worship leader, Robbie Seay about his background with hymns and worship leading. Robbie also shares his retuned version of Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go, live in the studio!

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    The Church's One Foundation, with Aaron Hale

    Luke Brawner and John Hatfield talk to a very hyper Aaron Hale about his hymn-retuning journey, how to deal with words in hymns that aren't familiar or singable, and hear his retuned version of the classic hymn, The Church's One Foundation.

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    Come Sinners To The Gospel Feast

    Hosts Luke Brawner and John Hatfield discuss the idea behind Hymnistry, the Eucharist and the hymn "Top 40," and John shares his retuned version of Charles Wesley's hymn, Come Sinners To The Gospel Feast.

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